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Tamer Hosny (Arabic: تامر حسني‎; born August 16, 1977) is an Egyptian singer-songwriter and actor, referred to as the King of Generation. He is currently one of the top-selling artists releasing albums in Egypt and the Arab World.

He was initially featured on Free Mix mixtapes from FreeMusic, an Egyptian music production company.Hosny's father was The Egyptian (Sherif Wael Hosny) and his mother is Syrian, but she has spent her life in Egypt.

She brought up Hosny and his older brother Hossam in the absence of their father, Hosny Abbas. Tamer Hosny grew up with a passion for soccer and said to have played it professionally for 9 years. Tamer work in the first years of his life at a petrol station and supermarket, selling perfumes in the street, and also worked as a construction worker.

Tamer Hosny was introduced By Salma El Shamaa to opera. Afterwards, he was recognized by Nasr Mahrous, the manager and owner of FreeMusic production company. He later on signed a contract with FreeMusic in 2002.

Tamer didn't debut, as most people believe, with Sherine's first mixtape. Instead, he was featured in previous mixtapes, and one of them featured other artists like Khaled Agag and Mohamed Mounir. He graduated from October Six University, with a Bachelor's degree in Media Studies.

In 2006, Hosny was embroiled in a trial case in which he was charged with forging a passport and avoiding conscription. It was a heavily publicized case in the media, since he and fellow Egyptian artist Haytham Shaker were both convicted with the same charges.

It has been reported that they both went to professional forgers to create a document that they completed military service in Egypt. This came in the middle of Hosny's preparations for a new Album and movie (Omar & Salma).

It was also reported that the news leaked after the forger himself confessed to a close friend of his. He was sentenced to 1 year imprisonment, but the adjudging hadn't run considering tamer's age and his famous position among the youth.

Thus, he spent only one month in the Prison before pronouncing judging. Then, he was sent to spend 1 year in Army for Conscription. During his conscription, Nasr Mahrous released the album Enayyah Bethebbak, as well as a music video from one of the album's singles.

In 2004, he released his first studio album as a Solo artist. Titled Hob, the album featured the single "Arrab Habibi". The album was quite a success to Hosny as a solo artist. His hit, "Arrab Habibi", was heavily rotated on satellite music channels and became very popular.

In 2006, he released his second album as a solo artist. Titled Enayyah Bethebbak. The album made a great success in Egypt.At the end of March 2007, Hosny released his Third album "Ya Bent El-Eih" after long time working for it.

The album featured 13 songs, 9 of them were stolen and leaked on the internet before it was released to market nearly by a week. The Egyptian media said about this album: "It's a nice album that is considered to be his first real step in his musical life".

In 2007 Tamer Hosny released an album of Islamic and Ramadan-themed songs, called Il Ganna Fe Biotna (Heaven is in our Homes). It was released on 10 September 2007.In 2008, he released his fourth album as a solo artist.

Titled Arrab Kaman. The album made a great success in Arab World.In 2009, he released his fifth album as a solo artist. Titled Haeesh Hyati including one English song named Come Back To Me, it was the first English song of Tamer.

The album made a great succes in the Arab World.In 2010, he released his sixth album as a solo artist. Titled Ekhtart Sah. The album made a great success in the Arab World.Hosny starred in the 2003 Egyptian movie, Halet Hob (A State of Love).

The movie featured music by Hosny himself. The movie was released in 2004.Halet Hobb is A modern film addressing the issues of young people in today's Egypt, including family, immigration, work, and love, as well as how Arab immigrants are viewed and treated abroad.

When Nour decides to immigrate to France, his wife refuses to go, so they decide to split the family. She stays in Egypt with their son Youssef, and Nour leaves the country with their other child Seif.

As time passes, the split family drifts apart. Although many young people are trying to leave Egypt, after facing the reality of anti-Arab sentiment in France, Seif and his Tunisian/French girlfriend decide to return, seeking to find and help his brother with his budding singing career.

His goal is not only to reunite with Youssef, but to use art and music as a forum for bringing youth from around the world together and giving a voice to Arabs abroad. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles in the way and bringing the family together will not be easy.

Starring Hani Salama, Hind Sabri, Tamer Hosny and Sharif Ramzy. Script by Ahmad Abdel Fattah, Directed by Saad Hindawi. Featuring behind the scenes footage, full star biographies, and two Tamer Hosny music videos.

This film is also Tamer Hosny's screen debut! subtitles in English and French. running time 104 minutes.The movie Sayed El Atefy was released in 2005, and featured two songs. "Koll Marra" and "Nour Einy", both were performed within the movie.

The full versions of the songs accompanied the performance in addition to scenes from the movie were made into music videos. They were initially exclusive to Melody Hits channel.The film is about a simple woman called Um Sayed (Abla Kamel) raises her son after his father died.

She works a taxi driver and car pickups to face life's burdens. At the same time loving Al-Ahli Team so much and sponsor her son Sayed (Tamer Hosny), who is facing several problems at the university with his uncle.

Um Sayed and friends try to lifting the injustice done to her son in the comic style concert.At the beginning of June 2007, Tamer released his third movie Omar & Salma with Mai Ezzedine.Omar ( Tamer Hosny ) is a young man who likes to flirt with all kinds of girls and has never been a serious relationship.

That all changes when he meets Salma ( Mai Ezz El Din ), who totally changes the way he thinks, but their new relationship turns out to be a bumpy ride.In 2008, he released Captin Hima, a social comedy about a young man who is crazy about soccer.

Hima (Hosny) believes soccer is a panacea for all problems and “plays” hard to achieve his goals and dreams. Hima has spurred rumors right from start. Thanks to a “generation star,” Hosny’s adopted name.

Hima’s main actress has, for example, reportedly, been replaced (which actually happened in case of May Ezz Al Din), Hosny fallen out with producer or whole shots edited out.In May 2009, he released Omar & Salma 2, a sequel of the romance comedy, starring Tamer Hosny and May Ezzeddin, Omar & Salma 2 features a new arrival, Merihan Hussein, a Star Academy 5 contender.

A contrast to part it’s romantic love, May Ezzeddin (Salma) plays the nagging wife, and Tamer Hosny (Omar) a bored husband longing for good old days of bachelorhood. Salma demands that they move because the block where they live is packed with women.

So they move to a block inhabited by a widow, a divorcee and a gay man. Omar ends up having an affair with Carma (Merihan Hussein), an employee at his father’s (Ezzat Abu Owf) business. Salma finds out about the affair and the couple almost file for divorce.

Tamer Hosny performs music and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, or other music performances. The estimated booking fee range to book Tamer Hosny for your event, Please Contact. Tamer Hosny has more than 33.2K listeners worldwide and really knows how to entertain your audience. Similar artists are  Mohamed Hamaki, Amr Mostafa, Hossam Habib, Samira Said, Wael Kfoury, Carole Samaha, Angham, Wael Jassar . Contact AAE Music agency for ratings, reviews, videos and information on scheduling Tamer Hosny for an upcoming event.

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