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Years Active: 2001–present
Genre:pop, trance

Sirvan Khosravi (Persian : سیروان خسروی born 1982 in Tehran, Iran ) is an iranian pop-rock musician and music composer.he was eleven he started to learn music and keyboard for four years with Evy Junio.

Since that time he started to feel interested in Elton John’s music by watching The Lion King.He started to learn the fundamentals of keyboard and Rock music genre under supervision of Kave Yaghmayi.

After a while he and his four other friends established an underground band and started to perform some tracks from some famous bands such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and The Police. He got separated from the band after one year.

Sirvan participated in two concerts of Kave yaghmayi in 2000 & 2001 as a keyboard player, that was his only performance on the scene as a player.The most important reason that caused Sirvan to enter the music career was that he got familiar with it on Kave Yaghmayi’s recording stages while working on the album named Matarsak.

The album Matarsak was the main motivation for him to start being a musician and declaring his ideas about music.since 2000, Sirvan participated in many albums of various singers as a voice recorder, recording supervisor, music arranger and musician, till after meeting Omid Athari Nejad in 2001, he started to produce his first own album, named To Khial Kardi Beri and after getting the certificate from The ministry of culture and islamic guidance in 2005, he published his first album.

Although his first album didn’t have a big sale, but Sirvan was satisfied that he was able to perform his favorite style, which was a revolution in the world of music, editing, performance and mixing.

In spite of the fact that the majority of the musicians didn’t believe that his style would have any chance in Iran, but he could reach to the highest levels in it and now he is known as one of the best producers and popular singers in Iran.

Now days his works are greatly welcomed in public.He played in Niki Karimi’s short movie called Soote Payan as an actor in his own role in the summer of 2010.Sirvan started to produce his second music album named Sa’ate 9 from 2005 and published it after four years in 2009.

At the end of 2009, Sirvan Khosravi was the first (domestic) Iranian artist to get high-rotation airplay on a regular radio station in Europe.He made his debut with the title song of the album Sa’ate 9, which also made headlines in the Iranian on-line media.

Late August 2010, Sirvan Khosravi made a no.1 hit with the song “Na Naro” for the second time in 2012 on the FunX Radio Station.Sirvan performed his first own concert on February 2009 and he faced an extraordinary welcome from his fans in that concert.

In 2012 he became more popular among people by singing and editing the end song of Sakhteman pezeshkan. He was busy working on his new album since 2009 . In 2011 Siavash Ghomeyshi, the famous Iranian musician and singer, said he believed that Sirvan is the best musician in Iran.

Since late 2011 he was prohibited by the music office of the ministry of culture and islamic guidance for 10 monthsfor an unknown reason. He released Jadde-e Royaha (his third studio album) on 8th of November 2012.

Right now he is involved in producing some albums and songs for artists like Mohamadreza forutan , Shahab Ramezan and etc.These songs are Some of his most successful productions for other famous singers:Vaysa Donya (Reza Sadeghi)Khatereha (Moein)Yalla (Mehdi Asadi)Tafre Naro (Xaniar Khosravi)Risk (Xaniar Khosravi)Eshghe Man Bash (Behnam Safavi)Nemidunam (Ehsan Khajeh Amiri)Ehsase Aramesh (Ehsan Khajeh Amiri)Bedune To (Xaniar Khosravi) Studio albums:To Khial Kardi Beri (2005)9 O'Clock (2009) Road Of Dreams (2012) ————–سیروان خسروی در سال ۱۳۶۱ در تهران متولد شد و از سن یازده سالگی به مدت چهار سال نزد اوی جونیو به آموزش موسیقی و کیبورد پرداخت.

از همان دوران با ديدن كارتون شيرشاه به موسيقی التون جان علاقه مند شد.در شانزده سالگی زير نظر کاوه یغمایی با اصول نوازندگی كيبورد و سبک راک آشنا شد.

سيروان مدتی بعد به همراه 4 نفر از دوستان خود يک گروه زيرزمينی راک را تشكيل داد (octave)كه در آن به اجرای قطعات گروه های مطرح راک (پليس، داير استريتس، پينک فلويد، بيتلز و …) ميپرداختند.

سيروان پس از يكسال همراهی گروه از آنها جدا شد.همراه گروه كاوه يغمايی در دو كنسرت 1379 و 1380 به عنوان نوازنده كيبورد گروه حضور داشت و اين تنها اجراهای سيروان به عنوان نوازنده بر روی سن بوده است.

مهمترين عامل در وارد شدنش به عرصه موسيقی حرفه ای را حضور و آشنا شدن با مراحل ضبط آلبوم كاوه يغمايی «مترسک» ميداند.

«مترسک» محرک اصلی سيروان برای شروع آهنگسازی و بيان ايده هایش بود.سيروان از سال 1379 در آلبومهای بسياری از خوانندگان به عنوان صدابردار، ناظر ضبط، تنظيم كننده و آهنگساز حضور داشت تا اينكه پس از آشنايی با اميد اطهری نژاد در سال 1380 تهيه اولين آلبوم شخصی خود «سیروان دات کام» را شروع كرد و پس از گذراندن مراحل اخذ مجوز از وزارت فرهنگ و ارشاد اسلامی، بیستم مرداد ماه 1384 موفق به انتشار آلبوم شد.

با اينكه آلبوم «سیروان دات کام» فروش چشمگیری نداشت اما سيروان از اينكه توانسته بود سبک مورد علاقه اش را كه تحولی در آهنگسازی، تنظيم، اجرا و ميكس و مسترينگ بود، به گوش مردم برساند راضی و خوشحال بود.

با وجود عقيده اكثريت مردم كه در موسيقی ايران برای سبک او شانسی قائل نبودند، با انگيزه بيشتر توانست به جايگاهی برسد كه در حال حاضر او را به عنوان تنظيم كننده ای ميشناسند كه كارهايش عليرغم استاندارد بودن، با اقبال عمومی بسيار بالايی مواجه می شود.

سيروان، مراحل ساخت آلبوم دوم خود را با نام «ساعت 9» از سال 1383 شروع كرد که سرانجام آلبوم «ساعت 9» در تاریخ نهم اردیبهشت ماه 1388 منتشر شد.

آخرین آلبوم منتشر شده از سیروان خسروی جاده رویاها نام دارد.


Sirvan Khosravi performs pop, trance music and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, or other music performances. The estimated booking fee range to book Sirvan Khosravi for your event, Please Contact. Sirvan Khosravi has more than 8.3K listeners worldwide and really knows how to entertain your audience. Similar artists are   . Contact AAE Music agency for ratings, reviews, videos and information on scheduling Sirvan Khosravi for an upcoming event.

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