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Sinitta (born Sinitta Renet Malone, 19 October 1968, in Seattle, Washington) is an American-born actress and singer who has lived in the United Kingdom for most of her career. She is best known for her hit records in the 1980s; including "So Macho", "Toy Boy", "Cross My Broken Heart" and a 1989 cover of "Right Back Where We Started From", and her close relationship with Simon Cowell.

She is the daughter of Canadian actress and Disco/Soul singer Miquel Brown and Anthony Blackett, and is also the niece of disco singer Amii Stewart.Young Sinitta already starred in the movie Shock Treatment in 1981, and sung in the musical Cats in 1983.

She then played a role in the musical Mutiny in 1984. After lead singing for the band Hot Gossip, she released her first solo recording Never Too Late, which was mixed by Jellybean (Madonna, E.G.Daily).

Further singles like "So Macho", "Cruising" and "Feels Like The First Time" and "Toyboy" were major club hits, "So Macho" spending 18 weeks on the British Singles Chart, peaking at Number 2. In 1984 she particpated in A Song for Europe, the UK heat of the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song Imagination which came 4th.

Sinitta was seen in the cinemas again in 1986 in the movie Foreign Body. After she was in the press for her young lover, Sinitta hit the charts with the song "So Macho" (#2 UK June 1986), that was produced by J.

G. Hargreaves and Mick Parker. The following songs "Toy Boy" (#4 July 1987 UK SAW), "G.T.O." (#15 Dec 1987 UK SAW) and "Cross My Broken Heart"(6# UK March 1988 SAW)) were also major European top ten hits.

Sinitta wanted to go on and develop, for she was an adult and not a teenager anymore. So a Shirley Temple image did not work out for her any longer. SAW described Sinitta once as the "sexiest voice we ever produced".

Sinitta was still at the height of her fame, and finding new producers like Ralf René Maué (London Boys) and Phil Harding (also PWL) was no problem. The hit "Right Back Where We Started From" gave her #4 in UK Top in June 1989.

"Love On A Mountain Top"(#20 UK Oct 1989) and "Hitchin A Ride" (#24 UK Apr 1990) kept her there.When the 1990s came, SAW's fame declined, and so did Sinitta's fame. People found it difficult to cope with the new grown up Sinitta, and associated her with SAW most often, which was not in style anymore.

Sinitta went different ways, and recorded the "Supremes EP" (1993) and the album "Naughty Naughty" (1995), which also contains various Motown covers. "Love and affection" (1990) is a song by Joan Armatrading, while "Aquarius" (1993) came from the musical and movie Hair, that Sinitta's mother was in (as Sheila).

Sinitta went back into musicals.In 1997 Sinitta agreed to recorded the vocals for the single "You can do magic" by the group the Mojams. The single was part of television investigation into the UK charts as to whether a chart position can be created by false sales.

The politician Edwina Curry's daughter was used as the face for the singer and single. Sinitta is not credited on the single.She sang with Sonia Evans (also a former SAW artist) and Luke Goss (former Bros) in "What A Feeling" (1997).

She also went back into movies and played herself in Heaven's a Drag/To Die For(1994). You also saw her in There's Only One Madonna (2001).Sinitta is still giving concerts. Her so far latest single is the self-produced "Use Me Up" (1999) on Chocolate Boy Records.

According to People Magazine, Sinitta is married to businessman Andy Willner but is known to be a former girlfriend of Simon Cowell. Sinitta also had a two year relationship with Hollywood actor Brad Pitt during the 1980's, it has also been rumoured that they dated again briefly in 1998.

When questioned about her relationship with Pitt, she replied"I think I was too wild for him! I was really young and at the peak of my career and I didn't want to sit and be romantic and eat dinner at home.

"He was a lot more chilled and I think he was a bit taken aback by the things that I was doing. Like if I was hungry, I would open a bottle of champagne from my fridge because I certainly wasn't going to cook.

" I think he looked after me more than I looked after him. But I didn't want to be looked after too much. I didn't want another mother."Sinitta worked on The X Factor show as a singing coach and in May 2005, performed on Hit Me Baby One More Time on British television station ITV.

In November of 2005, Malone announced that a woman named Kerry West will be a surrogate mother for Malone's baby with her husband. She made the announcement on the British programme This Morning. Simon Cowell will be the baby's godfather.

2006 saw Sinitta compete as a celebrity contestant on SKY TV's 'Cirque Du Celebrite' as well as returning for the third series of The X-Factor, as part of Simon Cowell's mentoring team.She is currently working with PMG (Prolific Media Group) Productions and is in the process of recording an anniversary special of her 80's hit "Toy Boy" with producers Nathan Thomas and Carl M.

Cox, which is planned for release in August 2007, 20 years to the day that the original version came out. SinglesYear Single UK Album 1983 Break Me Into Little Pieces (with Hot Gossip) (single only release) 1983 Don't Beat Around the Bush (with Hot Gossip) (single only release) 1983 I Could Be (single only release) 1983 Never Too Late (single only release) 1984 Cruising (double A-side with So Macho) 2 Sinitta! 1986 So Macho (double A-side with Cruising) 2 Sinitta! 1986 Feels Like the First Time 45 Sinitta! 1987 Toy Boy 4 Sinitta! 1987 GTO 15 Sinitta! 1988 Cross My Broken Heart 6 Sinitta! 1988 I Don't Believe In Miracles 22 Wicked 1988 A Place In The Sun (Winjama; Various) (single release only) 1989 Right Back Where We Started From 4 Wicked 1989 Love On A Mountain Top 20 Wicked 1989 Lay Me Down Easy 88 Wicked 1990 Hitchin' A Ride 24 Wicked 1983 Bridge Over Troubled Water (with The Session) (single only release) 1990 Love & Affection 62 Naughty Naughty 1992 Shame Shame Shame 28 Naughty Naughty 1993 Aquarius Hair 1993 The Supreme EP (Where Did Our Love Go/Stop In the Name of Love/You Can't Hurry Love/Remember Me) 49 Naughty Naughty 1997 You Can Do Magic (credited as The Mojams featuring Debbie Currie; but Sinitta's on vocals) 86 (single release only) 1999 Use Me Up (unreleased) 2007 Toy Boy 2007 Forthcoming release Albums Sinitta!CD Fanfare (1987)"Toy Boy" – 3:31 "Who's Gonna Catch You (When You Fall)" – 3:20 "Cross My Broken Heart" – 3:45 "G.

T.O." – 3:35 "Rock Me Slow" – 4:58 "So Macho" – 3:26 "Oh Boy (You've Got A Lot To Learn)" – 3:30 "If I Let You Go" – 4:35 "Feels Like The First Time" – 3:52 "Cruising" – 5:06 "Toy Boy" (Extended Bicep Mix) – 7:38 (bonus track) "G.

T.O." (Modina's Red Roaring Mix) – 7:31 (bonus track) "So Macho" (12" Remix) – 5:42 (bonus track) Sinitta Special(Scandinavian release) CD Mega (1989)"Toy Boy" (Extended Bicep Mix) – 7:37 "Cross My Broken Heart" (HI'N'RG Mix) – 6:45 "Feels Like The First Time" – 3:49 "Cruising" (Vocal Mix) – 6:21 "G.

T.O." (Modina's Red Roaring Mix) – 7:31 "So Macho" (Extended Remix) – 5:42 "Oh Boy (You've Got A Lot To Learn)" (Short) – 3:28 "Showdown" (Remix) – 5:27 "Toy Boy" (Pumped Up Megamix) – 9:48 "Cross My Broken Heart" (Extra Pulsing Beat Mix) – 6:44 WickedCD Fanfare (1989)"Right Back Where We Started From" – 3:16 "I Don't Believe In Miracles" – 3:29 "I Just Wanna Spend Some Time With You" – 3:28 "Hitchin' A Ride" – 3:42 "Lay Me Down Easy" – 3:44 "You Keep Me Hanging On" – 3:31 "Right Back Where We Started From" (12" Remix) – 5:20 (bonus track) "Love On A Mountain Top" – 3:25 "Love Love Love" – 3:48 "Where Do Nice Girls Go" – 3:45 "Body Shopping" – 3:20 "Don't Tell Me Not To Cry" – 3:53 "It Would Be So Easy" – 3:33 "I Just Can't Help It" – 3:45 "Love On A Mountain Top" (12" Remix) (bonus track) Dance Mix!(Japanese release) CD Victor (1990)"Hitchin' A Ride" – 4:06 "Toy Boy" (Sequenced) – 3:23 "Right Back Where We Started From" – 3:13 "G.

T.O." – 3:07 "Cross My Broken Heart" – 3:52 "Who's Gonna Catch You (When You Fall)" – 3:13 "I Just Wanna Spend Some Time With You" – 3:23 "Body Shopping" – 3:05 "I Don't Believe In Miracles" – 3:27 "Love Love Love" – 4:04 Naughty Naughty(Asian Pressing) CD Timbuktu (1995)"The Tide Is High" – 4:07 "You Can't Hurry Love" – 3:55 "Cuba" – 3:39 "Club Tropicana" – 4:08 "Hotel California" – 5:00 "Naughty Naughty" – 3:31 "Shame Shame Shame" – 3:53 "Where Did Our Love Go" – 4:16 "Never Knew Love Like This Before" – 3:30 "You Really Got Me" – 3:05 "Naughty Naughty (Brand New Heavies Mix)" (bonus track) The Best Of Sinitta(Japanese pressing) CD RCA/BMG (1998)"Toy Boy" – 3:30 "So Macho" – 3:26 "Hitchin' A Ride" – 3:40 "Right Back Where We Started From" – 3:14 "G.

T.O." – 3:32 "Cross My Broken Heart" – 3:45 "Feels Like The First Time" – 3:50 "Love On A Mountain Top" – 3:23 "Don't Tell Me Not To Cry" – 3:52 "I Just Can't Help It" – 3:41 "It Would Be So Easy" – 3:32 "Where Do Nice Girls Go" – 3:44 "I Don't Believe In Miracles" – 3:28 "Love Love Love" – 3:46 "Toy Boy (Extended Bicep Mix)" – 7:37 (bonus track) "Right Back Where We Started From (12" Remix)" – 5:18 (bonus track) "Cross My Broken Heart (12" Remix)" – 5:24 (bonus track) The Very Best Of…Sinitta/Toy BoyCD Going For A Song (1999)"Cruising" – 4:26 (re-recording) "Toy Boy" – 3:38 (re-recording) "G.

T.O." – 3:40 (re-recording) "Cross My Broken Heart" – 3:52 (re-recording) "Love And Affection" – 3:32 (re-recording) "Right Back Where We Started From" – 3:14 (re-recording) "Free" – 3:17 "You Can't Hurry Love" – 3:17 (re-recording) "Shame Shame Shame" – 3:34 (re-recording) "Baby Love" – 3:02


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