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www.preslava-world.comPreslava’s (Bulgarian: Преслава) real name is Petya Koleva Ivanova. She is a Bulgarian pop-folk singer, born on June 26th, 1984 in Dobrich. Her mother is called Yanka and her father - Kolyo.

She has a sister who is three and a half years older and also a folk singer in Payner - Ivelina Koleva. Preslava completed her musical education in the local musical school with a degree in folk singing, and playing a fiddle.

She begins to sing at the age of 15 in restaurants with great success. She is one of the most successful singers in Bulgaria. Her biggest hits are "I'm No Angel" (Ne Sum Angel), "Devil Desire" (Diavolsko Jelanie), "Vodka With Consolation" (Vodka S Uteha), "It's A Lie (Luja E), "Your New Girl (Novata Ti), "Fenomen" (Fenomen) and a lot more.

Preslava has won many prizes:- "Best Singer" in four consecutive years (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009) - "Best Album" in five consecutive years (2005 - "Diavolsko Jelanie", 2006 - "Intriga", 2007 & 2008 - "Ne Sum Angel" and 2009 - "Pazi Se Ot Priatelki").

The album "Ne Sum Angel" became a great success becoming a `Golden album`.For the beginning of her career in the company "Payner" Milko Kalaidjiev helps her. The first song of Preslava is a duet with him entitled "Loving Racketeering” (‘Nejen reket’) and is released in spring 2004.

Then she still didn’t use her artistic nickname and was called simply Petya. Later is released the first solo song of Preslava - "Mad Tonight” (‘Tazi nosht bezumna’) followed by her debut album, named after the singer.

It is characterized by two hit songs - "Bitter Memories" (‘Gorchivi spomeni’) and "I Love You" (‘Obicham te’).In 2005 Preslava releases one of her greatest hits, that shoots her to the top of all charts and helps her win many fans.

This is the song "Devil’s Desire” (‘Dqvolsko jelanie’), which is released in April. Her next hit, "Forever Yours" (‘Zavinagi tvoq’) is also one of the most significant. The singer is invited to participate in the national tour Planeta Prima 2005.

She does very well and wins the hearts of thousands of fans. She ranks among the most beloved performers. In November is released her second album - "Devil's Desire" and the pilot track in it – “Final Words” (‘Finalni dumi’) again brought her huge success.

Later, in 2006 she releases her latest song "When the Day Breaks” (‘I kogato samne’), which has a quite an interesting video. It once again becomes a hit. A few months later Preslava becomes an advertising face of mastic "Karnobat" and shoots a video and sings a song to the ad - "Surrender to the Desire” (‘Predai se na jelanieto’).

Preslava gains great success and once again takes part in the national tour of Planet. In the summer of 2006 the first duet of Preslava with Boris Dali is released - "First in the Heart” (‘Pyrvi v syrceto’), one of the most thrilling and liked ballads.

In the autumn, after a series of hits like "I Swear You" (‘Zaklevam te’) and "I Am Tired" (‘Umorih se’), the singer once again makes a top ten hit in her third solo album - "Intrigue" (‘Intriga’), and the pilot track "It’s a Lie” (‘Lyja e’), which is a bit rock and is one of the biggest hits in Preslava’s career, which even today continues to be liked.

Throughout the whole next year, people don’t stop listening to it.The beginning of 2007 Preslava starts with a hit from the album "Intrigue" and this is the song "Nothing Else" (‘Nishto drugo’).

Shortly after that she shoots a second ad for "Karnobat" and the video to the song "Surrender to the Desire 2” (‘Predai se na jelanieto 2’) appears on TV. Preslava again is part of the Planet national tour, having previously released another hit - "Man on the Horizon" (‘Myj na horizonta’).

After the tour she works on her new album which is definitely worth the wait. The album is called "I'm Not an Angel" (‘Ne sym angel’) and is defined as a true masterpiece and there isn’t a song is which is not a hit.

Undoubtedly the best album, not only in Preslava’s career, but also in the history of pop-folk. Later it is announced as a “Gold” album for number of sales. Therefore, the singer decided to shoot one more video of it to the song "Last Address” (‘Posleden adres’).

At the beginning of 2008 this is one of hermajor hits. Not long after, she releases the song "Leave Me" (‘Ostavi mi’), which is voted to participate in Eurovision, but unfortunately this doesn’t happen and the song does not receive the deserved attention.

Later it becomes clear that Preslava again will be touring with Planet, this time she has the honor to close the concert. During the summer, at the end of the tour, appears her next song - "Your New Girlfriend" (‘Novata ti’).

In short period of time it became a huge hit, and strengthens the position of Preslava as the most rated performer. By the end of the year she earned two ballads, one of them supported with a video.At the beginning of 2009 Preslava is invited to the awards Montefolk in Montenegro, where she was honored as the "Biggest Bulgarian Star” with 90% of the vote.

Soon after that she releases another new song - "Red Point” (‘Chervena tochka’), which also appeals to many fans. Along with all this, the singer appears unexpectedly in the house of "Vip Brohter 3” as a guest star.

The purpose of the show is charity and that’s what helps her finally participate in it. Shortly after that is released her second duet with Boris Dali - "Do I Speak Quickly” (‘Byrzo li govorq’), which has funny and playful video and the song becomes a hit again.

Her new song "Badly Distributed" (‘Zle razpredeleni’) really quickly wins the hearts of the fans. On the summer tour Preslava again has the honor to close the concert. Along with a tour around Bulgaria, the singer presented her next potential hits - "Phenomenon" (‘Fenomen’), "Beware of Girlfriends" (‘Pazi se ot priqtelki’) and "Promise Me.

" (‘Obeshtai mi’) The second one is a favorite of Preslava she is definite that it will entitle her next album. "Phenomenon makes impression on the first listen" – says Preslava in her interviws.

The song proved to be the leader of the new proposals and reminds of the hit of 2007. - "It’s a Lie”. Preslava’s album is released soon after the filming the video for the song and gains great success.

Her first duet with Konstantin – “Sensation of Marylin” (‘Useshtane za Merilin’) finds place in this album, whose video is defined as one of the largest projects ever. And their second duet - "Do Not Hinder Me" (‘Ne mi prechi’) wins the hearts of the fans even with its premiere on the Planet TV’s eight birthday.

In the new 2010 Preslava decided to start with a hit. Her new song is released - "Breathe" (‘Dishai’) that during the first half of the year continues to conquer the charts. Surprisingly, in May are published news that the singer has shooted a video to her new duet song with Elena Parisheva - "I Drink for You” (‘Piq za tebe’), after whose premiere makes to the top of all charts and appears to be the next summer hit.


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