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The bandolim performer Oh Akioka has his roots in Brazilian music, although he is active in a wide variety of genres and is not bound by any one specific style.Shigeharu Sasago is a unique guitarist who has created his own highly distinctive style through the absorption of Brazilian groove.

The double bassist Jyoji Sawada is also a well-known composer of contemporary music. He sensitively supports the sound of Choro Club from below.The acoustic string trio Choro Club was formed in 1989 by three musicians, each with his own distinctive character and musical aspirations.

They recorded their first album in 1990. The group’s name is taken from the choro, a style of instrumental music with its origins in Rio de Janeiro. While generating the mood of the choro, they create a musical world sometimes intense and sometimes sentimental, through the exercise of their highly original collective sensibility.

Almost all the numbers on their previous 18 albums were composed by the members of the trio themselves.It isn’t possible to assign the music of Choro Club to any standard category. That’s because the sound created by these three musicians is truly unique.

Over the past decade Choro Club have performed not only in standard concert halls and clubs but also in a wide variety of venues including classical concert halls, art museums, galleries, aquariums, botanical gardens, Shinto shrines, beer breweries and various other open-air locations, and at jazz festivals.

The music of Choro Club has been highly praised for its creativity even in Brazil, the country of origin of the choro. They recorded their third album in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, and a solo open-air concert they gave on that occasion, organized by the Department of Tourism of the City of Rio de Janeiro, was attended by as many as 3,000 people and was given prominent coverage, along with the scene of recording, by localnewspapers and TV and radio broadcasts.

In 1995, Choro Club was sponsored by the Japan Foundation on a concert tour of six Latin American countries including Brazil.Subsequently, in 2002, they collaborated with Tomi Taira, a well-known actressツ from Okinawa, on an original musical play "NIRAIKANAI", at Fortareza in northeastern Brazil.

Choro Club has released 3 albums in 2005 - their latest album "PREVENDO" from King records, then the soundtrack for "ARIA", the popular Japanese TV animation, released by Victor Entertainment, and their greatest hits album "REVENDO" from BMG, which includes a selection of their works from 1990 to 1994.

Choro Club have established their own unprecedented and unique sound over the ten or so years they have been working together.The members of Choro Club strive to achieve not only a high degree of musical sophistication but also a truly adult sense of relaxation and pleasure.

Their music continues to offer universal potential."BRASILIANA" Production NotesThe recording of Choro Club's new album (their 7 th) started onDecember 30, 1999 at a studio in Tokyo, with Art Lindsay who was touringin Tokyo at that time.

Jyouji Sawada composed the neo-Bossa Nova flavorednumber, and Art wrote the lyrics in Portuguese on the spot, afterlistening to the melody. He also did the vocals. And futhermore, duringthe intro, Art played the free improvisation on his guitar, along withSamm Bennett, a percussionist based in Tokyo.

It resulted as anextravagant collaboration which reveals Art's versatility.On January 2000, the following year, the 3 members of Choro Clubrecorded 3 numbers at a studio in Shonan, and then flew to Rio deJaneiro, Brazil.

The band is expecting various guest musicians to jointheir recording in Rio. The long list includes musicians that are deeplyin love with Brazil and the music, those who are proud of the country andthe music, and those who have been creating global music, free fromnationalities whatsoever, including Art Lindsay, who is 'half Brazilian'.

A desirable pack of collaborators are planned to gather for the occasion.Joyce has been acquainted with Shigeji Sasako for 10 years, and hasbeen a fan of Choro Club ever since, but it is their first time to worktogether officially.

Sasako picked out and arranged Antonio CarlosJobin's masterpiece "Dindi", a tune that he felt will perfectly fit ChoroClub's sound and Joyce's voice, which is the only cover song in thealbum. "Dindi" is the nickname of Bossa Nova diva Sylvia Telles.

Joycetold the 3 members the following story referring to the lyrics of thesong before the recording.The song "Dindi" which we are going to record is not a name of aperson but of a place. A place where there flows a beautiful river.

Solet us all picture the scene while recording the tune.This inspired the members, brought their feelings as one, and thus ledto a very imaginative and emotional version of "Dindi".After the collaboration with their voices comes the joint session ofvarious bands.

Carlos Malta & Pife Muderno is a unique instrumental groupformed by 3 percussionists including Marco Suzano, performed without anychord instruments. On the other hand, Choro Club is a string trio. Thecollaboration stimulated both parties, which resulted in a huge success,where they eventually agreed to perform together once again during PifeMuderno's Japan tour (August 2000).

Jaques Morelenbaum, a maestro from the same generation, demonstratedhis brilliant talent by arranging and conducting the string section, aswell as playing the cello. Jaques told the members: When I was arrangingthe string section of 'Trilhas', while listening to it on cassette overand over again, my 5 year old daughter got deeply attached to the melody.

She can even sing the whole tune now. Sasako who composed the song, wasso touched to hear her say so. "Changeable Weather", a tune composed bySawada, is a brilliant piece of music which features Jaques's solo, aswell as the performance by Marcos Suzano.

Now, let's talk about Marcos Suzano who I've already mentioned severaltimes. Marcos, who widened the aspects of Brazilian music, is a wellknownmusician in Japan nowadays, but has been acquainted with Sasako fornearly 15 years.

He started working with Choro Club in '92 during theband's 3rd album. He appears in 7 songs (including the one as a member ofPife Muderno). Since they have know each other for quite a long time,they recorded 4 songs within in a minute, including "Canja Caseira", atune composed by Akioka.

"We were having so much fun day by day, it was so incredible" screamsthe members, who were thrilled with all the fabulous guests coming in oneafter another for the recording. The last session was with Siba, theyoung and talented violinist who plays the "Rebeca", a simple violin madein north eastern part of Brazil.

The 4 of them recorded their jam sessionfor the intro part, right after they were taught by Siba a traditionalsong from the north east.The new album has been named "Braziliana", a result of numerousfruitful encounters with interesting people.

Choro Club has consciouslyavoided to push forward any "Brazilian" flavors to their sound. But afterbeing around for 10 years, and have established a unique sound of theirown, it just seemed to be a natural choice to adopt 'Brazil', the world'smost liberal and exciting music spot of today, a keyword which perfectlyrepresents Choro Club's music.

Jin Nakahara / ArteniaJoyceSinger songwriter who has released numerous hit songs including'Feminina' and 'Clareana'. She is very well accepted in Japan and hasbeen touring the country almost annually for the last few years.

She hasappeared on records with Spick and Span, Yuka Kido etc., along with ChoroClub. Her new album is called 'Hard Bossa', released under London Label.Marcos SuzanoThe revolutionary rhythm creator of Pandeiro, also known as the leader ofthe new generation of the Brazilian mixed pop.

He is also a member ofCarlos Malta & Pife Muderno. He produced Kazushi Miyazawa's "Afrosick",and has performed with various Japanese artists including YosukeYamashita and Numasawa Nao, and has intimite relations with Japan.

Hisnew album is "Flash".Carlos Malta & Pife MudernoA 2 flutes, 3 percussionists (including Marcos Suzano) group, formed bymulti-reed performer Carlos Malta, who was also a member of prodigyHermeto Pascoal's group.

The group interprets traditional music ofnortheast Brazil in an original way, by using the Pife (flute). The album'Carlos Malta & Pife Muderno' was released in '99. They will be touringJapan on August 2000.

Jaques MoreienbaumA cellist, arranger and producer, known as a reliable partner of CaetanoVeloso. Also renowned for her music themes including "Central Station".Now the leader of the Brazilian music scene.

She is also the member ofQualtet Jobin Morelenbaum. Also known for her collaboration with RyuichiSakamoto.SibaThe key member of the mult-pop group Mestre Ambrosio, who have adoped thetraditional music of northeast Brazil, and reproduced it through thefilter of the rock generation.

Also known as a maestro of the "Rabeca", atraditional violin from the northeast, and has also taken part in thesoundtrack of the movie "Central Station". The group's new album is "FuaNa Casa De Cabral".

Arto LindsayNew York born and bred, has lived in the northeastern part of Brazil for15 years during his childhood. The one and only musician who has adoptedvarious types of music from noise, punk, funk to Brazilian.

He has alsobeen working as a producer recently. Also known for his intimaterelations with various Japanese artists including Ryuichi Sakamoto. Hisnew album is called "Prize".

Choro Club performs music and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, or other music performances. The estimated booking fee range to book Choro Club for your event, Please Contact. Choro Club has more than 7.8K listeners worldwide and really knows how to entertain your audience. Similar artists are   . Contact AAE Music agency for ratings, reviews, videos and information on scheduling Choro Club for an upcoming event.

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