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Barbarossa Umtrunk

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Pan-Hyperborean IntifadaBiographieWARNING: We ARE NOT A POLITICAL BAND, we didn't promote any kind of political ideologies, our music is purely Occult & Esoteric! BIOGRAPHY:BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK is a french Military-Ambient band exploring millenarists, metahistoricals & hermetics subjects connected to Inner Nordic Heritage, Anthropogenese and Indo-European Mythos.

Texts and concepts are also inspired by Jean Parvulesco, René Guénon, Hermann Hesse, Julius Evola, H.P. Blavatsky and many others figures of Esoterism and Tradition from Hans Hörbiger to Guido Von List.

As the brain-child of Baron Von S, the project is active in the post-industrial scene since 2005. The name of the band turn above ..Barbarossa Rex Imperator's messianic & esoterical figure asleep on Kyffhäuser's mountain.

Between 2005 and 2006, the official members were Ra Kha, G.C, Maya M & Baron Von S. Then, after the departure of Ra Kha, the band reborn from his ashes as a duo composed by G.C. and Baron Von S.First Barbarossa Umtrunk appearance was 3 songs released for the legendary Scontrum Act V with the first line-up for War Office Propaganda then several songs have been done for compilations.

The first Opus called "Regnum Sanctum" was released on SkullLine at the end of 2008. Some months later a second one called "Glazialkosmogonie" was done for the same label.During 2009, BU have been allready working on new material with special guests (Suskun, Marc-Louis Questin…), trying to polish & perform his sound and have make two collaborations, also on SkullLine: "Thule Gesellschaft" with Seuchensturm and "72 Candles in Cairo (1904)" with Kazeria .

Then on September 2009, G.C have leaves the band keeping to make music under his solo project called "Effets Secondaires and Barbarossa Umtrunk has began Baron Von S one man's band assisted by his bride Countesse Von S and also sometime by Sowillo.

A Split called "Le Siècle des Grands Abattoirs" with Front Sonore has been released on SkullLine on December 2009 revealing the most bombastic side of BU since the begining.The third full length and greatest "Wehrwolf Dharma".

. album was produced for UFA Muzak, limited to 500 ex in January 2010: An apocalyptic mix of Shamanic Ritual Industrial and Neoclassical/Orchestral Hymns based upon Hyperboreans ancestral times, Archéo-Lycanthropic left hand path of the Ulfedhnar and Catastrophism theories.

Then, the 4th opus "Agharti" exploring the secrets paths for the Subterrean Kingdom has been released in Summer 2010 by Twilight Records.At the same time was released the great collaboration split with Schattenspiel "La Couronne de Glace" on SkullLine.

After that was released on UFA the split/tribute with Dronerune in memory of Miguel Serrano called "Distant Shores of Hvetramannaland".A new split with Front Sonore called "Apokastastasis" was release on SkullLine in Summer 2012 and a new tribute to Baron Rudolf Von Sebottendorf & Thule Society called "Der Talisman des Rosenkreusers" which would included guests like Elli Riehl, Front Sonore and TSIDMZ has been released again on UFA Muzak at the same time.

Several projects are in work: a new full lenght album based is previous for Summer 2012 on Twilight Records with the collaboration of Schattenspiel, Spreu & Weisen and Vir Martialis.Two splits are also previous:The first one with Escuadron de la Muerte is based upon Secret NS weapons , and the second one is a collaboration with the french folk band Pale Roses in memory of the writer of fantastic & occultist litterature Raoul deWarren.

The next mission will be an investigation of the Razès mysteries and Rennes-le-Chateau in France.Take Care!CDs Disponible/On Sale at: DarklandParis,3 Rue Sauval,75001 Paris. Metro: Louvre-Rivoli/ChateletLe Souffle Continu,20-22 Rue Gerbier,75011 Paris.

Metro: Voltaire.You can also order our CDs on the Web at:SkullLine Webshop, UFA Muzak, La Caverne du Dragon's Shop, Protea Records International, Malignant Records, Twilight Records, Equilibrium Music, Old Europa Cafe, Steelwork Maschine, SickCore, Storming the Base, Steinklang and many others labels & distros,DISCOGRAPHY:Albums:Regnum Sanctum ( SkullLine, 2008.

)Glazialkosmogonie (SkullLine, 2009.)Wehrwolf Dharma ( UFA Muzak, 2010.)Agharti ( Twilight Records, 2010.)Der Talisman des Rosenkreuzers ( UFA Muzak, 2012.)Remix & Special Guests:Remix of the track "Intro" for the ltd edition of Westwind's Le Vent Divin ( Neuropa Records, 2005.

)Remix of "A Travers l'Europe" for the special Edition of Sinweldi's Acta Fabula Est ( SkullLine, 2010.)Collaborations for 3 songs on Schattenspiel's third opus: Schattenkrieger ( UFA Muzak, 2010.)Splits:Scontrum act V ( War Office Propaganda, 2005.

)..Barbarossa Umtrunk/Seuchensturm: Thule Gesellschaft ( SkullLine, 2009.)Barbarossa Umtrunk/Kazeria : 72 Candles in Cairo ( SkullLine, 2009.)Barbarossa Umtrunk/Front Sonore: Le Siècle des Grands Abbatoirs ( SkullLine, 2009.

)Barbarossa Umtrunk + Schattenspiel: La Couronne de Glace ( SkullLine, 2010.)Barbarossa Umtrunk/Dronerune: Distant Shores of Hvetramannaland_A Tribute to Miguel Serrano ( UFA Muzak, 2011.)Barbarossa Umtrunk/Front Sonore: Apokatastasis ( SkullLine, 2012.

)Various Artists:V.A.: War Office Propaganda Promo Sampler 2006 (WOP, 2006.)V.A.: Brewery In Piotrkow Trybunalski ( Beast of Prey, 2006.)V.A.: La Salamandre Une Compilation Vol. 2 ( Editions Eleusis, 2007.

)V.A.: Parole in Liberta, tribute to F.T Marinetti ( Creative Fields Records, 2007V.A.: Free Tibet Free (dark-transmission, 2008.)V.A.: A Japanese Crash Compilation (La Salamandre, June 2008.)V.A.: Heiliges Licht presents: Landwirtschaft (Kaos-Ex-Machina netlabel , 2008.

)V.A.: Free Your Mind ( SkullLine, October 2008.)V.A.: In the Sign of the Runes- Tribute to Guido Von List ( SkullLine, November 2008.)V.A.: Tribute to the Dead Soldiers vol.1 ( La Caverne du Dragon, 2009.

)V.A.: La Salamandre Une Compilation Vol.4 ( Editions Eulesis, 2009.)V.A.: French Collaboration ( La Caverne du Dragon, 2009.)V.A.: Not Our World Alone ( Pavillon36 Recordings, 2009.)V.A.: Tribute to the Dead Soldiers vol.

2 ( La Caverne du Dragon, 2009.)V.A.: Tales from the Grotesque and Arabesque: Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe(Quartier23/Notariqon, 2009.)V.A.: New Aeons Symbols VI: Sex Magick ( Quartier23, 2009.)V.A.: Alchemist Compendium II (Protea Rec.

, 2010.)V.A.: Tales from the Grotesque and Arabesque: a second reading (Quartier23/Notariqon, 2010.)V.A.: Kalpamantra Ritus Terrae Prolis ( Notariqon, 2010.)V.A.: Vita Ignes_Corpus Lignum ( 2010.)VVAA Do What You Will ( Notariqon, 2010.

)V.A.: Torture Garden ( Shinto records, 2010.)V.A.: Barbarossa Umtrunk & Rex The Ninth presents: AR-RAD Middle Eastern Solidarity Compilation ( Free DL, 2010.)V.A.: Winter Solstice (Free DL-Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum, 2010.

)V.A.: Zeitgeist, the Compilation part V (AmexNori, 2011.)V.A. The Seven Deadly Sins vol.2: Luxuria ( Free DL 2011)V.A. The Seven Deadly Sins vol.5: Avaritia ( Free Dl 2011)V.A. Winter Solstice 2011 ( Free DL-Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum, 2011.

)V.A. The Age of Anxiety ( Free DL-Hesperus Records, 2012.)

Barbarossa Umtrunk performs folk, industrial music and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, or other music performances. The estimated booking fee range to book Barbarossa Umtrunk for your event, Please Contact. Barbarossa Umtrunk has more than 9.8K listeners worldwide and really knows how to entertain your audience. Similar artists are   . Contact AAE Music agency for ratings, reviews, videos and information on scheduling Barbarossa Umtrunk for an upcoming event.

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